Saturday, January 10, 2015

January is usually a productive month for me. I like to change things up a little for the new year.
And this year is no different...I have rearranged furniture and now I am tackling my studio. I want to get back to doing more sewing. Can't really change the furniture, but I can make my desk space more functional to accommodate both sewing and painting. I like a challenge and this will be challenging!!
In the painting ideas are formulating and I am waiting for fabric to arrive to start a new block of the month. It is a Jinny Beyer quilt through Craftsy. I am pretty excited about this one.
I will share once I get going...

Always love watching the birds from the kitchen...
First pic...this is the female woodpecker. We also have two males that stop by - they have the red crest...but today, she was by herself.


The northern flicker is such a beautiful bird. This is the male. We had the female here the other day. They looked like a married couple. She was chirping away...and he was just looking at her! LOL!!

Wishing you a happy week!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Counting the days now! The shopping is well, 95% done...still have to pick up the turkey etc.
A little wrapping and we will be ready to have our family on Christmas Eve. It is always a fun day, although I do wish I could have my Dad here. He is 94yrs. now, but stays active and is still driving and at home. He is remarkable for his age!
This year, I decided to do another little painting for my dad...He lives in an area where commercial fishing is still thriving and so I thought maybe a fishing boat. Hope he likes it...he is pretty fussy. I added a touch more yellow in the trees since this picture. This is a plaster on canvas piece. I would like to try this same painting again without the plaster.

Wishing you a happy week!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Christmas is almost here! I am just about ready...a few more gifts to buy, a few more paintings to do before I start thinking about what I am going to paint in 2015!!

I am also seriously thinking about this blog and whether I am going to continue on. I have a website, I am on facebook and twitter and so is it worth the effort and time to keep this going too?? Tough question. Blogging seems to be disappearing as people want instant information and don't want to have to read a lot. I have always loved the idea of the blog...and so I am contemplating.
What do you think??

I am now showing my work in Just Imajan Art Gallery. It is a lovely little gallery in Cochrane, Alberta...about 25 minutes from Calgary. If you are in the area, stop by for a visit!

I have also done several pieces for Bluerock Gallery (Black Diamond, Alberta).
I hope to show this work at the gallery in the new year.
It has been an exciting fall for me. I have so much to be grateful for as I look toward the new year.
I will keep you posted!!

                     DEMO DAY ~ JUST IMAJAN ART GALLERY 2014

This picture is of my set-up on Demo Day, Dec. 6th at Just Imajan
Art Gallery. I had a great day painting and chatting with the owner/artist, Janet Armstrong.

The above image was taken yesterday just before we had a dinner party for two
very special people in our lives. We had a lovely, fun evening.

Wishing you a happy week
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween is fast approaching...This will be the first year that my grandson Matt will not be going out. He is 11 yrs old now and has decided that he should be giving treats to the kids. The years have gone by so fast...
I will probably get the Christmas tree up next week...we like to get it up early and enjoy it for a few weeks. Such a busy time of year...and I don't want to labor over the tree!
I have some very exciting news...but I can't share until the weekend!! I will be back then.

Wishing a haunting great week!
Thank-you for visiting
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Monday, October 20, 2014

A BIG thank-you to Carol and Kellee from Calyx!! I had a wonderful time and met some amazing artists. Hopefully, I can return for the Spring show 2015.
Thank-you to the customers who stopped by to say hi, and to those who purchased a Nancy Walker painting, I thank-you!

Fall is always such a busy time of year for everyone...
I am working on new pieces for 2 more shows and a few special pieces for a soon to be revealed surprise!! I am so excited...
The photo below is now finished and framed...I was having fun playing with paper!
Wishing you all a happy week!
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

No excuses...August and September were filled with art and family. A vacation in August to visit my soon to be 94 year old Dad was a welcome break. We were able to see our newest addition to the sister's first grandchild, little Owen. Such a smiley, sweet baby.

Now, October is almost half over! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend. We are going to enjoy dinner out this year with our family. I honestly don't have time to cook right now. My grandson, Matt was a little disappointed, but Christmas is coming and Nana will be cooking!

A bit of exciting news for those who don't follow me on Facebook or twitter. I have been juried into an amazing art show coming up next weekend...October 18th and 19th. I am truly honoured to be a part of the CALYX Distinctive Arts Show. There will be beautiful jewelry, pottery and lots of paintings. I will be there on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, 2014

I am also doing a little demo this evening (short notice) over at Blue Rock Gallery in Black Diamond.
So happy to be there...Karen is wonderful. If you are in the area, stop by for a visit and watch me get my hands into plaster and paint!

Wishing you a happy week
Thank-you for visiting...
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I surprised myself...two posts in a month! Hope I can keep it going. It is hot, hot here right now. Enjoy the heat unless I am on the third floor working on art projects...I am not going to complain because we can have the "S" word in September. Don't want to jinx it!
I have been working away on different projects...I am about to start on a painting I promised to do for the Shaw Charity Golf Classic at the end of August. Not much time, but I will forge ahead and get it done.
I also just finished designing a shoe. I love my shoe. I don't know how to begin to explain why I had to design it...too long and crazy a story. Let me just say that I was given the length of the shoe, and had to use a picture of the Original shoe...
This is a great project and I am going to make a few more as gifts this fall. Now that I have created my patterns, it should go much quicker. The finishing is always the most tedious for me...I can be pretty fussy. But in the end...I am pleased with how it all turned out.

The shoe has a clay sole and heel and upper. I covered the upper and lid/pincushion with wool. I used wool threads to make the braid trim around the bottom. The tassels are hand made by moi and the inside of the shoe is constructed of leather scraps. You could configure the inside to accommodate whatever you wanted to include. I may do something a little different with the next shoe.
Wishing you a happy week!
Thank-you for visiting...
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