Friday, March 21, 2008

New Display Case...

Well, after seeing Andrea's beautiful collection of "jewels" in her case, I decided I had to take advantage of the sale and get one too! I may go back for a second...I am not sure what I am doing with mine yet. They really are great and can be found at Michael's.

Andrea's lovely work can be found at..."Velvet Strawberries"...see the link.

Happy Easter everyone!


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Well I am going to Michales this week! I hope they have some left. I have a collection of vintage minis that would be ideal displyed in one of these!
Have a wonderful holiday,

Nancy said...

Have fun Darly...I should be a part owner in the company, I spend so much time and money over there.


Christine LeFever said...

I have the one with the robin's egg blue background. I use it to store my very favorite rubber stamps.


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