Friday, April 18, 2008

Gotta Luv It...!

I just can't get enough of Michael's it seems...bags and bags of "stuff"...the boxes and bases are for a project I am teaching in Jasper in November. They are stacked and ready for glue and paint after peeling off 160 gummy labels...blah!

The daisies...well, I just had to have them! Another project perhaps?

The snow...?!! We are having a spring storm that is supposed to last until Tuesday! The first pic was yesterday when it first started...the last two are "the morning after"...I don't think I'll be sipping a margarita out there today! And we are supposed to get another 8 inches late Sunday into Monday! Can't get this at Michael's!!


SweetAnnee said... poor babe..
keep Spring inside then..
and it will come soon outside..Deena

Nancy said...

Hi Deena...I am so happy to "meet" you. Thank-you for visiting my blog. I have just spent time looking at your wonderful blogs...I love the nature beautiful!

Hugs, Nancy

Martha Kohley said...

How about snow icecream instead of a margarita? Martha, Vintage Trifles

Nancy said...

Does snow ice cream taste better than it looks right now?

Don't get me wrong, I love snow and winter...just not near the end of April!!


Donna O'Brien said...

Hi Nancy- I see we have something in common...."stash".
And I thought I saw margaritas on aisle eleven. You'll need one after peeling off all of those stickers (I hate that part!)

Nancy said...

"Stash", NOoooooo.....When I get my tiny little studio reworked, I will post pics...

I am just about ready for that margarita Donna!!


Karen said...

OH Nancy . . . that snow is just crazy this time of year. Doesn't Mother Nature know it is almost May! No wonder the Polar Bears are wondering south. My mom lives on the East Coast and the Parks Officials are catching the bears and moving them back North.

I see your Calgary Flames won!!! Go gettem' Flames!

Love the Daisies ~ Think Spring!

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

periwinkle vintage said...

Isn't that snow INSANE?!?!! We're getting it, too. Thanks for your well-wishes on our little trip!

periwinkle vintage said...

Thanks, Nancy. Wow, with all that snow I can see why you enjoyed seeing pics of green grass! What a weird spring this is!

Colleen said...

Holy Smokes!! You DO love Michael's!! Looks like fun stuff.

Just look past the snow and imagine Spring Flowers popping thru real soon. Can't wait to see pics of your studio.

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