Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's In A Design...?

Hi Everyone... can be a long process to get from Point A to Point B...and all points after to the final piece. I have always enjoyed the enjoyed the process...albeit painful and frustrating at times. I don't think the average person understands how complicated it can be and how many hours it can take to produce a project....depending on what it is of course. I just thought I might take you through to a certain point with this little piece I am finishing...
First of all, you have to think about what you want to do...that can take days...I really need to see it in my mind before I can capture it on paper or sculpt it from clay. Drawing what I "see" is always the first step for me. As I am drawing, the image of the finished project starts to become clearer. But there are so many steps in between...from paper to sculpting or fabric...then what? Do I want to get the "rabbit" to a certain point before I begin work on the he/she going to be completely needle felted, clothes and all? Or do I want to needle felt the "skin" of the rabbit that has not been sculpted? And what shall I use to sculpt...polymer, paper clay, paper many options! Sculpting takes time...especially if you are wanting to put in a lot of detail. Designing an outfit to this case, the rabbit is also time consuming. I always make every outfit from scratch. No two "rabbits" will ever look exactly the same.

There are just so many elements that go into the creation of a piece...too many to mention. I have only scratched the surface here...but whether it is a clay creation, cloth doll, bear or original piece of "art" is a wonderful way to learn...and a lot of work!

You will have to wait until Thursday to see the finished project....
Have a great week!


Draffin Bears said...

Good post Nancy ~ the designing and preparation can sometimes take so long and then have you ever had something that has not turned out how you would like?

I look forward to seeing your finished rabbit - he is looking good!

Have a good week.


TattingChic said...

That bunny is adorable so far! See this is beyond my grasp to make something like this and I'm okay with that. I will enjoy watching you create something very sweet and cute! :)

jonwen45 said...

Just love the designs I see on your blog...looking forward to seeing more of you creations.

Nancy said...

Thank-you Carolyn...Sometimes it's just good therapy!
And yes, there have been times...fortunately, not too many or I think I would have stopped creating!

Tatting Chic...I want my tatting to look as beautiful as yours!

Thank-you jonwen45


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