Thursday, April 16, 2009

Preparing for Workshops....

Hi Everyone...
Thought I had better update...don't want to get too far behind here! I am now working on about 3 different projects...I generally don't like doing that...but 3 workshops need prep work and so I must get busy. I also have to finish a piece for Quilt Canada 2010 before the end of the month! I was picking up sculpting tools today and decided to get a couple of different tools that I haven't worked with...I used to do ceramics years ago...I still use the sculpting tool I had back the '70's. And believe it or not...the tools haven't changed! I now use them for my clay workshops. I did find a couple of different tools today that I am going to use to add texture on canvas. I thought I would work on a tall and narrow canvas for one of my pieces...a little more challenging.

The second photo is of the new piece for my blog shoppe...will be added soon. Those little limbs are really that working in miniature!
Also in the pic is a shadow box frame...found it at Michael's...nice size (4 x 6) and deep. Already have an idea...

Have a wonderful weekend!


ginger said...

It looks as if you have your hands in and on several projects. They all look quite interesting. I'll stay tuned and see what develops. Have fun!

Nancy said...

Thank-you so much Ginger! Yes, it is going to be a little crazy over the next month or so...I want to get it done before patio weather! Our season is so short...I want to enjoy the outdoors.

Take care,
Hugs, Nancy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

Very exciting for you, to have so many things on the go.
I look forward to seeing your new projects completed.
I like the shadow box - it looks a nice size.

Enjoy your weekend

Nancy said...

Hi Carolyn...Thank-you for your visit! It is exciting...I am really looking forward to the June workshops! I hope I can get what I am thinking of done for the shadow box...I would like to buy more.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Carol Ann said...

What a beautiful blog came upon it quite by chance I look forward to seeing what you get up to. I hope your grandson is fully recovered x

Nancy said...

Hi Carol Ann...Oh, thank-you so much. I appreciate your kind words. Yes, Matthew is much better now, thank-you. He is once again 5 going on 10!!

Hugs, Nancy

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