Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creative HouseWork...

Hi Everyone...
August is here...and I know we don't want to think about it...but fall is in the air. Now, today, you wouldn't think so...we hit 32C! (90F)...that is pretty warm for here. Over the last 2 weeks, it was fall cleaning in July. I love my hubby, but organizing anything other than his own desk...let's just say I gave him the job a few years ago of organizing the garage...he piled every Rubbermaid container in a corner-floor to ceiling...none of them labeled...and called it organized! He was relieved of garage duty from that point on...maybe he did it on purpose..noooo...not darling! the first week of the cleanup was the garage...emptied half the garage...some to Goodwill, some to the garbage and the rest to friends and family. You have to imagine that I had an 9 foot table in the middle piled high and stuff underneath and I think if I could have put stuff through it...well I am showing you the on shelves and a floor!! Oh, and all of those bottles of pleasure...most were gifts and almost none of them have been opened in years...I think they are headed out the door soon too!

The next few pics are of the room beyond the garage. It is where I do all of my computer work. Another mess...There was a big exercise machine in here along with some garage items. It had kind of become a dumping ground from my studio upstairs. The Snoopy head that you can barely see...he is actually 4 feet and we won him from Hallmark a few years ago...he was lovely and plush...but he is now in a new home.
The Before....

The After...

These are new cabinets I purchased to house things that are NOT office(y). My apologies for the pics being a little grainy...I didn't want to use a flash.

And lastly, if you have made it this of our beautiful begonias.

Have a wonderful week!


TattingChic said...

That is a lovely room! Love the new cabinets! It must feel so good to have it organized and tidy! Good for you! :)

Dolores said...

Big job accomplished!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

Always such a lovely feeling getting organized and to clean up.
You have done a great job and the place looks lovely.
Your begonia is pretty too.

Have a great week

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Wow! You certainly have been busy. The summer heat wipes me out . . . and I tend to fall behind on projects. You are even ahead of the game, getting your Fall organization complete. It all looks wonderful !!!

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