Friday, February 26, 2010

The True Before Pics...

Hi Everyone...
I am finally ready to show you my new studio...I am going to do this in two separate posts. Here are the before pics...I had a lot of furniture in here and A LOT of STUFF on my was getting to the point where I had a 1 x 2 ft space on my desk to work...When I originally planned this room 7 years ago, the desk, TV cabinet and bookcases were purchased to fit specifically in the space. Originally, the room was carpeted...5 years ago, it was replaced with oak flooring.
And now...the before shots...these are going from left to right as you go around the room.                    

I painted the chimney piece to look like brick, but after I did it, I realized that brick doesn't go around corners in a solid piece! It looked okay...

The next post is the reveal!
Have a great day!

1 comment:

Michelle Palmer said...

The BEFORE pictures are wonderful! I can't wait to see your after shots :)
Thank you for sharing your studio space!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

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