Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Spring Look...

Hi Everyone...
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break. I am back at it this week...busy getting ready for Quilt Canada at the end of the month, working on a piece for the Silent Auction at the Western Showcase for this year's art show at the Calgary Stampede, and really wanting to finish a spring bunny. I just updated my "Foodie" blog. I will be adding more pics this week and refreshing this blog into something a little more spring-like.

Last summer, I noticed that the squirrels had figured out how to get into one of my bird feeders...and so I thought, okay, I'll fix you...I'll put elastics over the top so that you can't get in there. Problem solved! So, I left the elastics on over the winter. About a month ago, I decided to take off the elastics. I kept an eye on the squirrel. Great! Until one day, I just happened to look outside and this is what I saw...

I grabbed my camera, and took these shots out of the bedroom window...I thought, you cheeky little's not like I don't feed you!! I love seeing the squirrels and if he would be so polite and put the top back on, I wouldn't have a problem. But that isn't going to happen and so, the elastics are back on...

Have a wonderful day!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

Good luck with the piece for the Art show and the Spring bunny.
Oh naughty Mr Squirrel! you may have to put the elastics back on.
I hope that you are having a great week.


Christine LeFever said...

You know, I never seem to make bunnies. I used to, when I was a chalkware artist. You have inspired me to look into this matter of making bunnies. The best to you too on your Calgary Stampede!

I love my squirrels so much that I buy big bags of food intended just for them, and I have squirrel feeders all over the yard. They avoid the bird feeders, because the fat little creatures are so well fed by their "Mama" here. If times were to get really tough...Squirrel stew, yum!

Doreen said...

Hello Nancy. I didn't realize you were a quilter..I just started quilting and I LOVE it :)

It amazes me how very clever squirrels seems they can get into anything and anywhere.

Wising you a lovely day,

Nancy said...

Hi Carolyn...Thank-you so much for the visit. He is pretty cheeky isn't he?!

Hello Christine...I wish I had the property to have squirrel feeders...but I don't. I leave them peanuts...but they do get into the feeder when they can. Good luck with the bunnies...I can never make to many rabbits.

Hi Doreen...
Oh, I have been quilting since 1984. I have made several quilts over the years. It is very relaxing. You will enjoy it too!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Nancy, Love the pictues. He looks like a hungry little guy. Hope all is well and looking forward to your "foodie" blog.


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