Monday, August 16, 2010

Phase 2...

Hello Everyone...
August is already half over...we are having a lovely week of sunny weather here...hope it lasts a while. Our summer has seemed so cool and wet. Nice to finally know that my little tiny tomatoes might actually amount to something before the frost!

Today, I was fitted with a new brace...this one will give me more range of motion. It will be adjusted by degrees every couple of is big...but today, hubby and I were able to go for a very short walk. It was nice to just be outdoors. Here is a pic of the new contraption!

On a more fun note...
Have you seen this magazine?

The people who bring you "Victoria" have a beautiful new magazine called "Victoria Classics ~ Rooms of Bliss" It is just so dreamy and lovely...the pictures are are just a couple of samples of what is inside...pure bliss to see!

Have a wonderful week!

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Aunt 'Reen said...

Wishing you better mobility with the new leg brace! Happy to hear you were able to go for a short walk!
Speedy Recovery to you!


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