Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Really Is Here Isn't It??...

Hello Everyone...
I wanted to post pictures of cute little buds forming on my bushes and maybe a patch of green grass... I cannot bring myself to letting everyone see one more snow picture...yes, it is snowing!! We have had at least 12 cm and are expecting another 10cm...for a grand total of approx. 10 inches!!
Instead I will post pics of things that have kept me busy over the past couple of weeks.
The Woodpecker would NOT turn his head for the longest took over 10 minutes. I guess he wanted to show off his pretty red band!

I decided I needed to do a little fabric shopping. It's always nice to add a few new pieces to the stash! Got a little wool it!                                        

Then, I got a  little carried away with my desire to build something.  I made 2 "Proddy" sticks. Wind a strip of wool around the wood and then cut in the middle for short, manageable pieces.

This picture shows off my ability with a drill...generally, I'm not bad...but this was a little crazy. I was doing this free hand...and well, it wasn't working until I took the whole thing downstairs and secured the wood. The following picture is the finished frame...This is a Proddy Frame.          

 A close-up of the handmade markers for size of opening. They are a little long..I may take a bit off the bottom. I am going to use the knob ends as legs while working on a table.
The picture below is my idea of a little roll of Jute Webbing! It is actually 72 feet...I nail a small amount to each horizontal piece of wood. My rug material is then attached to the webbing. This allows you to roll the rug into a manageable size to hook or do proddy work. I'm going to have to make a lot of rugs!!

  And lastly...I wasn't going to do snow pics...but this is spring in Alberta! The first pic is hubby's foot prints...look at how deep!! I can't repeat what he said going out to his car...The last picture was taken this morning looking out of my studio window...                
Have a happy day!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

Lovely to see a post from you and what you are up to.
I love the sweet woodpecker ( we do not have them in NZ)
Also love you new fabrics and the wool and your stand you made is fabulous. Well done.
So sorry you still have snow there and really hope that you will start to have some warm spring weather.

Hugs and hope that you have a wonderful week.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your talents continue to amaze me.
Building your own Proddy Frame like that - awesome job!
I love your beautiful new fabrics & wool!
Such a beautiful woodpecker too!

I hope warm weather arrives your way soon! I'm sure a bit of green would surely be a welcome site.


Lisa said...

You always have a project that peaks my curiosity. Is this to keep it stretched while you work on it?

My husband once took 62 photos trying to catch a yellow bird face on. Every time he clicked, the bird turned, made me giggle reading about the woodpeckers.

Nancy, thank you for stopping by.
Have a great weekend, and enjoy the spring snow.

Hugs to you,

Christine LeFever said...

Was that a Big Foot sighting? Hahahahaha!

You are so very clever, my dear. Love your handiwork.

And I adore that sweet, fluffy, little woodpecker!

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