Friday, January 13, 2012

A new year, new goals and plans. As we begin 2012, I have decided to change a few things in my life...
My mother's death a year ago has reminded me that our time here on earth is short...and that living each day in a positive, meaningful way is so important. And so, I am going forward with several projects that will keep me busy throughout the coming year.
The first project that I am in the process of tackling is my website...I have made several changes. It will be more user friendly, and I have decided to join an ever-growing group of us who just LOVE Pinterest!
I have just started my journey can find the link on the right sidebar. I can't wait to get into it in a much bigger way. I could spend many hours drooling over the gorgeous pictures!

You will also notice the "Pages" button and the "Culinary Canvas" button on the left sidebar. The Culinary Canvas button goes to the previously named...Foodie-Nature Place. I have changed the look a bit..and will be starting in on a series of new recipes for 2012 soon.
The "Pages" button leads to the newest way of having less on my main website! The button will take you to an index page. Each button there leads to another page...I love the simplicity. I hope you will visit and enjoy.
The second project I am sharing today is a quilt I want to finish this week. It was supposed to be completed before Christmas, but it got a little busy around here and so I had to delay putting the binding on until now. This was the first quilt I made using my new sewing machine.

My new Bernina 830LE
Creating a sample to see how the machine embroiders
Christmas Quilt 2011

Sewing away to finish the embroidery

Just need to add the binding!

It isn't perfect...this is the first time I have machine embroidered, although the machine did all the work! And it is the first time I have machine quilted...don't judge me! I have always hand-quilted and love doing it...but when you can get a quilt done in half the time...who knew?! I am still a traditional quilter, but I do enjoy the quicker method...a definite learning curve for me. There is a bit of a crease in the center because I have had the quilt folded for a few weeks...but over the next couple of days, I hope I can get the binding completed and move on to another quilt!

Have a happy weekend!


Sue said...

Oh Nancy ! I love your Christmas quilt JUST GORGEOUS!

I also really like what you have done with your blog ! VERY NICE !

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous!
It looks like you've mastered your new sewing/embroidery machine.

I LOVE the new look to your blog!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Nancy,

So lovely to catch up with you and I love all you have shared.
First of all the wonderful look to your website, all so clean and clear and the grey is very nice.
Also how beautiful your quilt is and I see you must be loving your new machine, it is fabulous. You must be thrilled with the quilt!
Wishing you well with all your goals and plans and for a wonderful 2012.


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