Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February is upon us already! The weather is mild and tempting spring into coming early...maybe a little wishful thinking. We will enjoy while we can!
I have embarked on a quilting project that I am anxious to share in stages. I was in a quilting store a couple of weeks ago and picked up a lovely book called "Confetti Naturescapes" by Noriko Endo. Her quilts are so pretty. I was curious...and so decided to try the technique. She bases her quilts on photographs and if I make another one after this...I might too. My quilt is going to based on a drawing I did a while back. My grandson was drawing dinosaurs and Nana was drawing trees!
And so I will show you in phases how this quilt is coming along. I want to finish this fairly quickly...
The quilts in the book use leftover fabrics from sewing projects and include a variety of fabrics. My quilt will be based on pieces of fabric in my stash...and I am going for a fall-like look. I love fall and water...and am going to incorporate both. Here is where I am at in pics...

The Backing and Batting
Lots of Fabrics For This Quilt
Cut Into Little Pieces And Even Smaller In Various Places   

The Rough Drawing
The Beginning of the Quilt
I will update in a few days with my progress. I love the technique!
Have a happy day!


Sue said...

Nancy this quilt is going to be amazing ! Looking forward to watching your progress on this one

Aunt 'Reen said...

Wow Nancy - this quilt project is going to be exciting to follow!
I can't wait to see how all those tiny pieces of fabric come together in your beautiful landscape design.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

I loved seeing the beginning of your quilt, love the fabrics you have chosen and what a fun project.
Look forward to seeing the progress, of your fall-like look, will be a lovely design.


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