Monday, May 21, 2012

This past month has been filled with all things spring. I have planted my gardens...such as they are when you live in a condo. I have a rock garden below my deck and a small garden in the front...everything else is in pots. The squirrel is busy trying to dig up one of my containers on the rail of the deck...every morning! Dirt everywhere...cheeky little thing! And when he is finished doing that he swings over to a branch in the tree and eats birdseed. I have two is new and not accessible to the squirrel, so he gets into the other one. I had to get a new feeder, because I had deer coming up and banging the old feeder to get the seed out. Didn't think they would do that...but I saw it happen before my sleepy eyes at 3:00am one morning. I could hear things banging away...and thought it was the wind. Silly me!
I am finally going to do the last bit of embroidery and sewing up the border on my wall quilt this week. And I have decided to finish a project I haven't done for 6 or so years. I usually don't let things go for so long...but I guess I got busy and put it away.
Barb Irwin was a wonderful bear maker years ago...she lives in British Columbia, but doesn't make bears anymore. I took a class she presented here in Calgary about 6 years ago only because she wasn't putting the pattern out right away and I loved the bear. And so it is time to sew up this wonderful panda.
It is a bigger bear than I usually do...but I love it.


Enjoy your week!



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

How adorable your Panda is you are making, must be a good feeling to be working on him again. Look forward to seeing him finished. Has a sweet face.
I love the pretty pink flowers and must be great having all the colour and pretty flowers around.
Sounds like you have a lot of hungry animals about with the deer and the squirrel.
Do hope you have a wonderful week

Dolores said...

My squirrels are a menace with my flowers too. I'd love to see the panda once you get it finished.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your panda has such a beautiful face. No doubt he will turn out sweet & adorable! Just love those pretty potted flowers too!
It sounds like that squirrel will keep you busy this summer.
Wishing you great success on your garden.


Nancy said...

Thank-you for your kind comments Carolyn and Doreen. I am working on the bear today and hope to have it finished by Thursday.
You are so busy Doreen with all of your quilting projects...hopefully I will get the vintage rouge pattern this week!


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