Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's All About Family...

Hi Everyone...
It seems that me and a web sale don't get along...To be truthful, it has been a very busy, emotional month around here. I won't go into the personal, family business other than to say that my little grandson needed a lot of "Nana" this past month. He has been having a bit of an emotional time with Grade 1 among other things. I don't remember much about my Grade 1 experience...other than the name of the teacher....and that she was grumpy. In Matthew's case, he seems to love his teacher, and absorbs what she says...but isn't applying that to the paper. And sitting for 6 hours minus recess...not fun either! He misses Kindergarten...but is so far past that academically...and trying to convince him of that...another story! So, in short, I have a moody, confused little 6 year old and a Nana trying to be all things to all of the men in my life. Matt is the only grandson we are going to have and so it is very hard to say no...Nana's busy. When he is 10, that might be a different story...but right now, he needs us.

In trying to keep this post light and optimistic, I will tell you that I am finishing the last of the six little cottages. They will be posted during the or two at a time.

And to top of the "fun" week, we had snow today. I am not ready for this yet!! I love it...but in December. My lawn chair seems to be smiling...why?? I ask...

Have a wonderful week!


Amanda said...

Your grandson is lucky to have a nana that worries about him, even though it must be very stressful. My mum and dad are the same with my daughter who is 14.

All that snow! looks lovely but like you say a bit early.

Nancy said...

Thank-you Amanda for visiting. We have spent many hours and days with Matt since he was born...his Mom left when he was just 2 years old and so we have been helping my son raise him...takes a lot of time, energy and love...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Take care,

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Nancy,

Sending lot of hugs to you.
Sorry for the stress that you are going through at this time.
Wishing dear Mathew, happier days at school. I think sometimes it is hardier for boys to settle into the long school days.
We have snow, down country here too which is really unusual for Spring.
Just when I took my overcoat in to be drycleaned as I thought Winter was over. Keep warm.

Sending good wishes to your family

Nancy said...

Thank-you Carolyn...We are just staying positive...he will be fine with a lot of encouragement. I agree, having had two...they do tend to take a little more time to "get it"...I'm thinking it takes until they are about 50!!LOL

Snow?? Oh, I hope it doesn't last too long!
Have a wonderful day,
Hugs, Nancy

Amanda said...

We recently had school issues, my daughter's friends turning on her and being bitchy, it does break your heart when they go through these things. It does make you realise it is all about family, he sounds a lovely caring sensitive boy, some lady will be very lucky to marry him one day! My nephew started high school and loves it, they can be full of surprises as he had a few problems at the junior school. Take care, hope the snow goes. Amanda x

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

OH Nancy, that is hard. We actually held back my son (late birthday) and had him start grade one a year later. He just wasn't ready. He had other issues too (several ear tube operations that held back his speech). Anyways . . . it does work out eventually. I am sure his teacher has seen it all before. Grade one is a tough transition for these little guys.

Hope the snow melts soon! I haven't even closed my pool yet (Ahhhh). Hugs, Karen

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