Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Shop...

Hi Everyone...
Welcome to 2010!
One of my goals this year is to be a little faster at creating new work. I tend to really take my time ("slow" ~ in laymen's terms, LOL)...not good if you want to be a consistent seller!
As you may have noticed, I added a new shop. Brenda who also helps runs the WSOPP Market Street Shops site has decided to open a new group of shops. We are called the "Handmade Art Fair". The direct link to my shop is listed under "My Shops". To see the entire under site...look under my list of "Friendly Places to Shop" down the right side bar.
My first new piece for 2010 is now in my newest shop..."'Tis The Season DesignWorks". It is called
~ "My Heart Belongs To You"~ pictured below.

Have a wonderful week!

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