Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Interesting Start to the New Year...

Hi Everyone...
I have 3 posts that I want to share...they will appear in order of importance and over a day or so...

The 1st post is one that I hope will help...We all know that times are a little tough out there...people are penny-pinching, watching where and how they spend a dollar. In Canada, we pay our taxes at the end of April, and people here in Calgary are feeling the bite of the recession.
To lighten this conversation up a little... the Canadian Quilters Association is having their National Convention here at the end of April. This is the biggest show they have ever had...and it promises to be an amazing display of talent.  You can now register for day classes and/or lectures. The prices are very reasonable...there really is something for everyone! I want to encourage all of you that are interested in Quilting arts or sewing with pretty fabric to join us!
To keep this post reasonably short, I will direct you to the website...there will be another update on the site this week with a few changes. There are many wonderful classes to choose from...There will be a Gala Dinner-western style of course! Mark Lipinski, the editor of Quilter's Home magazine will be the keynote speaker.
I will be teaching a fun mixed media class with wool and fabric...My class is on Saturday, May 1st.
So, if you live in Calgary, the surrounding area, or are planning to visit...consider joining us for a fun-filled week~April 26th-May 1st, 2010!!
Further information can be found here:

Have a wonderful week!

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