Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Is What I Have Been Up To...

Hi Everyone...
I am sorry to have been away from you for so has been a little busy around here. It all started with my husband deciding it was time to give away and/or sell most of the unopened hockey sets he has been collecting for years. He was doing a little winter cleaning...and I had been thinking about a change in my little studio...but what and how was it going to change???
Well, I came up with the brainy idea that I could move my very large (out of proportion to the room if moved) desk. Okay, then what?? We take the cupboards off the wall with all of that extra storage I seem to need. Then, we can mount the TV on the wall and get rid of another piece of valuable storage.
Now the fun part...messing up every other room upstairs with all of my I can paint. My poor hubby...he just gets his room done and I mess it up again.

The first 3 pics are not true before pics...they are the mess before I start on the new space. When I am finished the project in a week or so, I will post the REAL before pics...So here goes...this is what I have been doing...
The first 3 pics are the mess created when I decided to start pulling everything apart! Trying to find anything in here right now is crazy! 

The walls need to be prepared for the pretty new paint...
Next, the paint colors...the big can is the wall is called
Venetian Sky and is a very different color...very soft and very pretty at night.
The small lower can is called Poached Pear...and is going to be the color around the windows. The third color may not get used...I decided to do something else. Paint would have been easier though..but my new plan will give the room some character and texture.

Now we have the texture.(above)
And the character..(below)

I shall return soon with the finished room pics!
Have a wonderful week!

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