Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Fresh New Start...

Hello Everyone...
First of all, I wish to thank-you for your lovely comments from the previous post. I appreciate each of you stopping by. I also want to welcome new followers and old to my blogs. I hope you enjoy your visits.

I am looking forward to a fresh start this year...and so far, it looks promising. I am already ripping a hallway apart. Haven't taken photos yet...but will start once I pick the paint color and wall paper. Oh, and the wainscoting for the lower third of the walls. It isn't a very big space...but I want it to be fresh and pretty. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, here are a few photos for you to enjoy...Click the images to enlarge.
The first one below is our fireplace on Christmas Eve...It was so nice to have our fireplace working again. Matthew, our grandson, kind of forgot about his stocking for a stayed on the chair for hours untouched. He was too busy with the new Lego!

The roses above were a treat to me. I saw them when I was grocery shopping prior to Christmas and I just couldn't resist. A close-up of one of the roses is in the new header above.

The carnations were among the roses bouquet and are all that is left now. I have the roses drying so that I can use them in future projects.
This last photo is a little hazy...but that is because I took it from the inside of a gondola last February. Can you guess where it is?? Okay, I will tell you that it is Lake Louise in the winter. The Chateau Lake Louise looks like it is sitting on the lake...Off to the far right, you can see people walking on a path. The horse-drawn carriages go out on the path too. And each winter, they take away some of the snow in front of the Chateau so that families can skate. We were on one of the carriages a few years ago...It was right out of a post-card. I'll try and dig up the photos to show you. We are headed to Lake Louise to ski again this February...Matthew is determined to get down the big hill this year!
If you have never been to the mountains...and are visiting Canada, you must go to Lake Louise. It is beautiful in the summer and the winter.

Have a happy day!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

It was lovely to visit you and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful new header and the gorgeous pink roses.
Lake Louise is beautiful and I have been lucky enough to visit there a long time ago. Banff was one of the most gorgeous places on earth.
I hope that you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your skiing trip in February.


Trish Stover said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting in the photos and your roses are beautiful.
I have visited Lake Louise and intend to do so again. Banff is magical. Thanks for the photos and the glimpse into your world. I enjoy your blog.

Lisa said...

I know you are taking a break...just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm thinking of you!

my best to you, Lisa

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