Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Renos Are Finally Done!

Hello Everyone...
I didn't expect to be away so long...but it has been a very busy summer. I hope the weather is nice for the fall season. It will allow us to work on the fall renos...yes, I said more renos! New floors and stairs...Before all of that I want to post a few pics of the summer renos. The garage/basement was the first project...and so here are a few pics of the before, during and after. I cannot tell you nice it is to go down there now and not see stuff! There is even space between things in the cupboards! What a concept!!

The dream started with this light bulb...the only light in the garage for 19 years!

 Remember this? We painted the floor, everything was tidy and on shelves. There is shelving on the left side full of tools, paint etc. too! The green unit shown had to be dismantled and tossed. It couldn't really be salvaged. 

Shelves had to emptied. Fortunately, we had friends who wanted them. One of our friends had never had proper shelving and they were on cloud 9 when we delivered them!

After everything was removed, the next step was to paint. The walls were going to be a lighter gray and the ceiling a creamy white. When the garage was finished, baseboards were added all around.

 We are now ready for the during...
The Driveway!
The weather co-operated...

The truck has arrived!

Such a tease! I will show you the reveal tomorrow!
Have a great day!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Oh, it is a tease! Nancy I can't wait! I live vicariously through others' renos!

I'll be back, it's exciting.


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