Friday, September 2, 2011

The Garage/Basement Reveal...

Hello Everyone...
I can at long last say that I now have the garage of my dreams. Who dreams about a garage?! It is free of clutter...a definite upgrade. I would highly recommend Ultimate Garage...they are pricey, but efficient...ours came together in two days...and they sell a high quality product that will last a very long time. The result is a workable room, which can be a garage. I haven't pulled my vehicle in yet. I don't want to mess up the floor! I might change my mind in the dead of winter!

The Reveal...

New Doors...

Starting to Install...
Oooo...Look at all that new space!
A New Workspace...
Lots of room for storage...
Tuff Shield Floor...Snaps together like Lego!
Slat Walls and handy!
Great wire baskets (4) on another slat wall
My new Work Station
The Work Station with light!
The Costco cupboard! And extra hooks...
The New Cupboards! And my "Porsche"!


The Right Side (The Costco Cupboard)
 And one last picture for today...I started this project because of a light bulb.
The new Light Bulb!
I wish I could show you inside each cupboard...but I think you get the idea that there is lots of space..and we got rid of everything we absolutely would not use. We didn't take the time to go through every little thing before the install...we (I) did it after, which is why I am just posting now! The money and time spent on this was definitely worth it. There will be another picture or two standing at the garage door looking in...but I still have two doors to paint....soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lisa said...

Your Light bulb moment! I love it! I love the red, and the floor, and I'm jealous. But so happy you had a light bulb moment!

Thanks for sharing,

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your garage makeover is STUNNING!
You always amaze & inspire me with your creative talents - you truly are the Queen or Organization!

I have to show this to my hubby!
We desperately need to do something with our Garage. Even one little organization tip will be a great improvement.

Thanks for sharing - I LOVE it!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

Oh you lucky Lady, what a fabulous space, love it and how wonderful that you will be able to work here.
The red colour is fabulous with the black and white tiles.
What a great space to park the porsche and know how happy you must be ~ gorgeous!
Also love the new photo of you dear friend. Hope all is well with you and wishing you a great week.


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