Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Everyone...
Wow! I think it's about time I posted again!
These last few months have just been a whirlwind of activity...all good and productive.
We took a trip to Chicago in August...and we were in love! Chicago is such an interesting place...full of beautiful architecture, friendly people and of course, my favorite, the water. I like to have vacations that include a vista of water. The day we visited said body of water...Lake Michigan, the weather wasn't so great...but we enjoyed our time on the beach.
Our reason for visiting Chicago was "Bernina". If you sew, you know that "Bernina" makes sewing machines. This year, I replaced my 24 year old Bernina with a new one...the Bernina 830 Limited Edition. When I first got it home, I didn't know what to do! My old machine did not have a computer screen...and I was almost afraid to touch this new one. And so, I was invited to a retreat to learn all about the machine, what it could do and the new embroidery module that came with it. I can't tell you how much fun it was! There were 60+ of us taking the classes. We were up early and sewing for two days. We made 3 different projects...all for my eyes only. Okay, I know you want to see...but really, they aren't too pretty...they were test projects. I'll show you a project I am working on in another post.
In addition to updating the machine, I had to update the furniture in my little studio. And that meant getting rid of MORE stuff. I wasn't sure I would like this new arrangement, but it has grown on me. I like the room now...less stuff everywhere and clean spaces to work. Here are a few pics of our trip and the new machine and desk/craft tables.

I'm off to teach in Toronto...

Enjoy your week!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nancy,

You are having a busy time!
How lovely that you were able to go to Chicago and it was great to see your photographs.
You must be enjoying your new sewing machine and how fabulous that you went on a retreat.
Have a wonderful time teaching in Toronto.

Sending hugs

Draffin Bears said...

Welcome back Nancy and hope that you had a wonderful time in Toronto.
Look forward to hearing about your trip and maybe seeing some photos.
I also took a look at your new lovely Bear shop, it is really beautiful with your adorable bears.

Hope that you are enjoying your week

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